Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dell Mini 9 Config

I haven't actually taken the time to note down my dell mini config, so here goes :-

2GB DDR2 memory 667Mhz
8GB SDHC Ultra II 15MB/s seek time
- 4GB Dedicated to ReadyBoost
- 4GB Dedicated to Program Files directory

I think the ReadyBoost option with one of these cards provides a significant boost, I really need to run some bench marks to find out.

I plug it all into a 19" monitor, full size keyboard and mouse connected to a Telstra 3G USB modem. It performs wonderfully all day then I just on the train home and continue to work until I get home.


Anonymous said...

Does your Mini 9 wake up correctly after going to sleep (in Windows 7)? Posted on mydellmini forums about the issue and a couple of others have had the same issue, just wondering what your experience has been.

BreedScreamer said...

You're right I have noticed it pop and fart and stuttercoming out of sleep, I am not even game to let it go into hibernation given the way that vista handled it. BUT since you asked I look forward to torturingthe little fella next week, I beleive that you're right insofar as saying that MS still haven't got the hibernation/sleep thing right, I fully expect taht the network card or wireless wont wake up properly as it never does.

Thankyou for contributing flawror and I hope to be able to post some results soon. Work and the band permitting :-)