Monday, November 24, 2008

Windows 7 - trend Internet Security and AntiVirus DO NOT INSTALL

Yes I found out the hardway... er... again... That you should NOT install Trend AV and Internet Security (the latest version) on Windows 7, a BSOD results followed by heart palpitations when trying to remember if system restore was still turned on or not.

OK so that's a NO Trend AV on W7, does anyone know of any other AV's that don't work as spectacularly as TAV? Write to Neilo with your results :-)


F0l3ert said...

I have had no trouble using AVG.

vansmack said...

On the latest build I have (6954) they are now blocking incompatible anti-virus programs. They don't suggest any AV programs that do work either.

Chris said...

Avast works great on mine, Mini9 1GB RAM 16GB SSD