Thursday, November 13, 2008

Windows 7 - Unknow Device in Device Manager blbdrive.sys

I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate Pre Beta again for reasons I will go into later.

This time Around I have disabled Automatic Updates because the patch KB958644 breaks Windows 7 and forces the Dell Mini 9 to boot into System Restore mode

So, anyway, after installation and initial patching, this time I am left with an Unknown Device in the control panel. The Device ID's are


And according to Chirs123NT's rather helpful Windows 7/Dell Laptop Site :-

"Now, it seems that this points to a file in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers called blbdrive.sys. Our best guess is that it has something to do with the Block Level Backup Engine (which is responsible for image-based backups in Windows Vista and higher, through a feature called CompletePC Backup and Restore), but we’re not 100% sure. If anyone has any information on this please let us know."

Now I am really confused, I have just plugged my Dell Mini 9 in at work, with Full Size USB keybaord, Mouse and External VGA monitor. I go to the control panel and said device is not longer listed as requiring attention.

More soon...



Alan said...

It is the JMB38X MS and SM/MMC Host Controller. I have just installed the XP drivers and they work.

F0l3ert said...

He is right. I had to re-do my system after that vicious update as well =(

BreedScreamer said...

Hey :) thanks guys I appreciate the the feedback. Good to know we are experiencing the same issues.. It somehow makes it all OK

Thank you and kind regarrds

Neilo :-)

vansmack said...

Thanks for all your hard work.

Is that the only troublesome update? Or to put it another way, is it safe to do every other Win7 update but the one you listed on the Mini 9?

neil said...

That's the only one I have encountered so far :-) I always install them one at a time and hide the troublesome ones in WIndows Update

Cronqvist said...

Where can I get those drivers? I have the same problem, but in an Aspire One. Thanks.

Cronqvist said...

Sorry for the double post. I forgot to check for follow up e-mails.