Sunday, December 28, 2008

Windows 7 - Build 7000 Beta leaked to bit torrent

Hello All,

I am downloading this at the moment and intend to install ASAP, if anyone out there has done it already let us know here at DellMini9


neilo and kfc


F0l3ert said...

Just installed it and "out of the box" it works simply amazing! The only drivers that are missing are the SD card and the Battery. It also left me with 5.5GB of free space on a full install.

Uncle Don said...

I've got Windows 7 (build 7000) installed. After a bit of work, everything looks good in Device Manager. It works great - very snappy. No problems encountered so far.

I'm dual booting with XP on a 16GB SSD. I created an 8.44GB partition for Windows 7. After installing, the Windows 7 partition has 1.34GB free.

I've got 1GB of RAM (the 2GB upgrade is in the mail).

Windows Experience Index:
Processor - 2.2
Memory - 4.5
Graphics - 2.3
Gaming graphics - 3.0
Primary hard disk - 2.0

The primary hard disk number seems low. For what it's worth, I have drive compression turned off.

Uncle Don said...

Again for what it's worth, my Windows 7 partition is NTFS formatted. I wonder if FAT32 would have been a better choice.

Matt said...

Windows 7 works like a charm on the Mini