Friday, October 17, 2008

App-V & the Mini 9

App-V (Softgrid) is Microsoft Application Virtualisation technology and a logical fit into the Mini 9. I have been spending the last few weekends understanding the technlogy. App-V creates applications in its own "Bubble" they dont talk or conflict with the OS or anything else installed.

The Goal:

Have all my applications at my disposal to use in various situations without the heartache of having to install or uninstall different applications due to hard drive constraints.

Start Point:

- Mini 9 with Vista + Windows Updates + AntiVirus and System State to retain HD State + App-V client

End Point:

- App applications virtualised: I now have some larger more obscure applications on both a USB Key or SD. Office and other applications I consider Core are virtualised on the SSD itself.

1 comment:

Rick said...

Can you explain your reasoning for wanting to virtualize most of your applications? It just seems like unnecessary overhead.