Monday, October 6, 2008

Missing Vista Driver Found

Thanks to Ğ©L₣IMβUⱠ at Whirlpool we have solved the case of the missing vista driver:

"The final missing unknown device was fixed by installing the battery meter software.

The driver to run is R192569. Once it's installed, you can just uninstall it again and the driver stays behind.

Finally, a clean device manager for me!"

EDIT: I have just done this on my mini-9 and can confirm there is no longer any missing drivers in Vista..time to complete a complete vlite install with all the drivers.


Louis said...

This blog has inspire me to install Vista on my mini, I’m just having such a hard time with the drivers

acabtp said...

it's not the battery driver that fixed that for you, but the wireless select switch that came in that same installer.

David said...

How did you manage to get the bluetooth working? Mine is not detected in vista and the fn+f2 does not enable it.

sangethika said...

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